The Best Seiko SKX007 Alternatives

The Seiko SKX007 has discontinued years ago, and the company has since introduced the 5KX series, which is also a dive-style watch. The 5KX series is quite good as the original, however, they lack the spirit of SKX007 in terms of being an ISO-certified diver.

If you're still interested in getting a Seiko SKX007, but unable to grab one at your ideal price, here are some great alternatives which you could seriously consider.

Orient Mako II

Orient Mako II

Source: Ingenio Virtual


The first is the Orient Mako II. It features a striking appearance comparable to the SKX007, it also includes a metallic blue dial option in addition to black. It also includes numerals at the 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions rather than the large dots of the SKX007. The date window is equally visible, with a stylish boundary between the day and the date.

The Mako II is somewhat smaller than the Seiko SKX007 in terms of overall appearance and feel. It measures 41.5mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness. You won't notice much of a difference until you measure it using calipers.

It does have a scratch-resistant mineral crystal, making it significantly more durable. A gear-style steel bezel around the exterior with modest white markings on a black backdrop. The bezel is unidirectional and rotates in a 120-click range, allowing you to change it in 30-second increments.

Its Caliber F6922 is a hand-wound movement that's ideal for people who are looking for an automatic watch. Its power reserve is 40 hours, so it doesn't require you to wind it constantly. Another advantage of this movement is that it's easy to set, and it can be corrected with just a couple of clicks.

The Mako II, like any good dive watch, is water-resistant to 200 meters. The crown is screw-down, so it won't come loose just because it got snagged. The steel band is more subtle than the 007's, having a simpler 3-link design rather than the SKX007's larger 5-link band.


Citizen NY0040

Citizen NY0040

Source: Monochrome Watches


The Citizen NY0040 dial features hefty, chunky lume indexes that are virtually identical to the Seiko SKX007. They seem pale green in both daytime and darkness. The hands are likewise hefty and painted with the same lumi paint.

The dial is finished in a deep navy blue that contrasts sharply with the black finish on the bezel and the black backdrop of the day and date display. The day is printed in red, which looks great but might be difficult to read in dim light. The date, on the other hand, is a typical white-on-black design.

This case is a medium-weight 42mm case that features a robust and flexible design. It features a mineral crystal and is 12mm thick, which is ideal for the size of your wrist. Its flexible and smooth design allows you to easily adjust it for most purposes.

Like most dive watches, the NY0040 features a screw-down crown. This ensures that it won't get stuck in your wrist when you're wearing it on your left hand. It also comes with a blue rubber band, which adds a sporty look to the watch. Although this model doesn't have the same quality look as a metal bracelet, it has a dive chart printed on the side.


Seiko SKX009

Seiko SKX009

Source: Teddy Baldassarre


The Seiko SKX009 is a part of the same series as the Seiko SKX007, and there are many similarities between them. However, one of the biggest differences is the design of the watch's bezel - unlike the SKX007's black case, the SKX009's features a two-tone design, with red and navy blue accents.

This item is ideal for people who are new to diving, as it allows them to easily set the time limit for their first 20 minutes. Also, the 120-degree design allows them to adjust the bezel in just 30 seconds.

The dial of this product is almost identical to the Seiko SKX007. It features a black face and lume hands, and it also has the same day and date window. However, this case is made from a different material, which makes it more shock-resistant. This means that it's easier to maintain, even though it doesn't have any advantages.

The SKX009 features a 7S26 automatic movement, and it has a 41-hour power reserve. This item can be stored in your drawer for up to a day and a half without requiring you to reset it. Its stainless steel band is also similar to the SKX007's.  Its water resistance is rated at 200 meters. Its crown is secured by a small screw.

The 7S26 automatic movement found in the SKX009 is the same as that found in the SKX007. It has a 41-hour power reserve, which means you can keep it in your drawer for a day and a half without having to reset it. The stainless-steel band is also similar to the SKX007 - it features a 5-link construction, which may appear cluttered to some, but it is flexible and secure. Water-resistance is certified at 200 meters, and the crown is secured by a screw-down crown at 4 o'clock.


Final Verdict

The Seiko SKX 007 was a staple in watch collectors' collections since it was released. Its various features, such as its 200 meters of water resistance, ISO 6425 certification, and tool-like design, have made it a true professional diver watch.

Before it was discontinued, the SKX was readily available at a price of around S$250. Its specifications were comparable to those of other well-known dive watches, and it exceeded most of them.

Getting a watch that's reliable and meets the standards of a brand like Seiko is not an easy feat. Finding a replacement for the SKX can be a bit challenging. Nevertheless, some of the recommendations here could assist you in selecting a suitable alternative for the cherished Seiko SKX007.

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