When it comes to watch straps – a vital component of the timepiece, the usual approach has been to select something from the shelf that "matches" the watch. But what if we told you that there's a different way—a way that transforms the relationship between your watch and its strap. This is where the art of watch-tailored leather straps comes into play.

Unlike conventional off-the-shelf straps that are merely paired with watches, our watch-tailored straps are born from a different philosophy. We don't just design a strap to fit most conventional watches; we create a strap around a unique timepiece, intricately harmonizing every element.

Imagine a strap that mirrors the subtle curves of your watch case, seamlessly blending with its intricate details. Picture the stitching, meticulously matched to the sub-dials or hands, creating a visual symphony that is uniquely limited to the watch. 

Our watch-tailored leather straps add a new dimension—a dimension where the strap and the watch exist in perfect harmony, where the strap isn't just an accessory but an essential element of the timepiece's identity.

Tissot PRX

Our design process for the Tissot PRX begins with a thorough examination of its aesthetics. We delve into the intricacies of its dial, noting every hue and shade that graces its surface. The choice of leather and the selection of thread colors are made with the precision of a master painter selecting the perfect brushstroke. The goal is clear: to seamlessly integrate the strap with the watch, ensuring that it becomes an organic extension of the timepiece.

When it comes to the fit, we understand the importance of precision. The Tissot PRX demands a strap that tapers down neatly from the watch case, creating a graceful transition. Our artisans meticulously ensure that every strap is designed to embrace the watch head with precision, eliminating any gaps or misalignments. The result is a watch and strap ensemble that flows seamlessly, with the strap gracefully hugging the case, creating a visual unity that's nothing short of captivating.