Is Seiko SKX007 still one of the best watches you can buy today?

Discover the reasons why it was a legend, and why it may very well still be one of the best in the market today.

Since its debut in 1996, the Seiko SKX line of watches has become one of the most sought-after mechanical tools for collectors. This article aims to discuss the various reasons why the Seiko SKX007 is considered to be one of the best value watches in the market.

In addition to being the best value watch, the article also talks about the other factors that make the SKX007 one of the most desirable watches in the market.



Although the price of the Seiko SKX007 may seem modest, it is part of a lineage of diver's watches that dates back to the 1960s.

The SKX007 is one of the unique diver watches that are designed to cater to different styles and tastes. It was first introduced by Japanese manufacturer Seiko in the 1960s. The 62MAS was regarded as the company's first professional diver watch, and it was equipped with 150-meter water resistance.


Seiko 6217-8000 62MAS diver original SLA017

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After introducing the 62MAS, the company introduced the 6105, which was made famous by the movie "Apocalypse Now." This particular watch was very popular among US military personnel during the Vietnam War. Besides being durable and affordable, this item also made a big impact on the market.

After many upgrades and evolutions, the company introduced the first professional diver watch that was completely different from its predecessor – the Seiko SKX007. In 1996, the SKX007 was introduced to the market as the successor of the 6217 and the 7002. The latter model was discontinued the following year.

Seiko SKX007’s design closely resembles the 7002. Both of these watches have the same water resistance of up to 200 meters. Unfortunately, since both of these watches are no longer produced by Seiko.

The good news is that you can still find used Seiko SKX007 in the secondary market. This is still a great buy for anyone who's looking for an affordable mechanical diver's watch that’s certified to ISO 6425 – which is a standard used for diving watches.



The sleek and modern Seiko SKX007 is powered by the 7S26 automatic movement, which has a built-in power reserve of up to 40 hours. It's equipped with 21 jewels and is capable of running at a frequency of 21,600 A/h.

This item is equipped with a calibre that's housed in a 40mm stainless steel case. It also features a winding crown and a case-back that's made from a combination of screws and stainless steel. This is considered to be the most accessible diver's watch that's made from a certified in-house production.

The Seiko SKX007 dive watch includes a Day-Date function. A window that shows the day and the date in English or other languages can be found at 3 o'clock. It allows you to choose your preferred position by rotating it downwards. This is an intriguing feature that contributes to the particular blue colour of Saturday and the red colour of Sunday.

This dive watch is designed to capture the market share of those who are looking for a more business-casual look. Besides the day-date function, this model also comes with a variety of other features.


Curved-Lug Silicone Watch Strap by Strapatelier

SKX007 on our Curved-Lug Silicone Watch Strap


A professional diver's watch features a mono-directional bezel and a white-coloured index that provides a high level of visibility. This type of watch can also be used to capture a vast amount of light during a dive. The luminous coating on this model is also known as the LumiBrite coating, which is part of Seiko's patent.

The vibrant and smooth colour of the LumiBrite glass is a perfect addition to this sports watch. Its hardlex crystal glass is also more resistant to scratches than hesalite glass. Although it's not as expensive to replace sapphire glass, it's still very durable.



The Seiko SKX007 is available with a rubber strap or a jubilee bracelet. While both watch bands are appealing, neither is of excellent quality.

The jubilee bracelet has a maximum width of 22mm at the lugs, and the professional scuba strap features a black plastic construction.

One of the most peculiar features of this timepiece is its winding crown, which doesn't catch attention but which manages to balance out perfectly well, and doesn't require wearers to reposition their wrists.

The jubilee strap also features a security mechanism that adds a vintage look to this piece. This is the best vintage look for any of the diver's watches in the collection of Seiko.

Many SKX owners use an aftermarket strap to enhance its attractiveness. If you’re looking to get a beautiful custom leather strap for the SKX/similar done, click HERE.


Rustic Horween Chromexcel® Leather Watch Strap by Strapatelier

SKX007 on our Rustic Horween Chromexcel® Leather Watch Strap



At one point, it was possible to get a new Seiko SKX0 for around S$200. However, after the company stopped making the watches in 2018, the prices of these products started to rise. As the stock of new models continues to shrink, the prices of these products have increased significantly.

For instance, if you are looking for another newer entry-level watch, the price of the Seiko SKX013 could be around S$600.

There are currently two different variants of the popular Seiko SKX007 watch. The first one is called the "SKX007J1," while the second one is called the "SKX007K1." The letter J indicates that the watch was made in Japan, while the letter K suggests that it was made outside of Japan.


Custom Leather Watch Strap for Seiko SKX007 by Strapatelier

'MADE IN JAPAN' tag on the SKX007J


Although the build quality of this product is similar to that of the other models, the appeal of the Japanese Domestic Market or JDM version is more than that of the "K" coded sibling. This means that the final price of this item doesn't change - between S$300 to S$450.


Final Thoughts

The Seiko SKX007 was once regarded as an excellent value diver's watch. It didn't try to compare with other products, and it was a go-to for people who were looking for a high-quality watch that could last for years.

After it was discontinued, it became more of a collector's item and the price has almost doubled as a result.

If you are looking for a more functional dive watch, then it’s recommended that you go for the other options instead. But if you come across a great deal for Seiko SKX007, then take it by all means.

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