5 Places to Get Handcrafted Leather Watch Straps

Although watches have various functions, such as being able to be worn with a wide range of outfits, eventually, you'll want something new. The process of serial watch buying can be very rewarding and frustrating at the same time.

You spend a lot of money on a watch that catches your eye and interest. But once you start wearing it a few times, it goes into the back of your drawer.

If you want to extend the “life” of your wrist watches, then you should consider changing the straps.

It's a simple yet effective way to add new life to your beloved timepieces - allowing you to rock your favourite piece of jewellery even longer. Unfortunately, the majority of people will only change their watch bands if they sustain a certain level of damage.

Leather is an excellent choice for a watch strap since it is good for different styles - a classy complement, a sporty look, or even a very casual style.


Why Handcrafted Leather Watch Straps?

Handmade Leather Watch Strap

Leather straps are adaptable

A leather strap is versatile and can be used on almost any occasion. It can be paired with a wide range of clothing, such as shirts, jeans, and ties. It can enhance your personality and make you look more like a well-dressed individual.

One of the most amazing features about leather straps is that they can be used in different shades. It can be paired with different clothing and make you look more like a well-dressed individual. Moreover, they can be made to look more creative by having different patterns on their surface. The only thing that remains to be considered is your mood that day.

Leather provides unparalleled comfort

Animal skins are known to be the source of leather. As such, it is believed that this material takes care of the natural elements in its environment.

A luxury watch with a leather strap will look and feel great even while it is being worn. Its movement will adapt to the way your arm moves as well.

Look around the market and you'll see that no other material can match the comfort of leather. Its combination of stainless steel and buckle features keeps its grace intact.

Leather watch straps can be made with a wide range of colours and textures to create a unique look. While alligator straps are known to be more durable, they are also more expensive.

On the flip side, calfskin is a more flexible material that can be molded to the wrist, but it is less durable and may eventually need to be replaced or refurbished.

Although leather bands are versatile, they can be used on different types of wrist accessories, such as dress watches.

Enough said let’s head over to the top 5 leather watch strap stores that are both affordable and functional.



Strapatelier Bespoke Leather Watch Strap

Strapatelier's Bespoke Leather Watch Strap


Looking for a selection of high-quality products at an affordable price, Strapatelier is a great choice for anyone looking to elevate their watch. This label features a variety of unique and affordable straps.

Founded in 2017, Strapatelier is a leading manufacturer of affordable leather straps that are great value for money. Their wide variety of straps are vegetable-tanned and have a beautiful patina over time.

The various types of leather straps that they offer, such as the Horween, Pueblo, and Epsom, are from renowned leather tanneries. They also have curved-end rubber straps for various models such as the Seiko SKX, and more.

In addition, they have a variety of spring bars and microsuede cloth that is bundled for free.

On top of that, you’ll get to enjoy free shipping for anything above S$65 in Singapore and Malaysia, and S$100 for international delivery.

Starting Leather Watch Straps Price – S$29



Delugs Taupe Epsom Slim Strap

Delugs's Taupe Epsom Slim Watch Strap


Delugs started with a small collection of leather straps in 2018. Since then, they’ve expanded and created a wide range of customizable leather straps.

They are offering a Custom Strap Program that can accommodate your specific needs. In addition, they are also branching out and creating new products and accessories such as premium watch cases and rubber straps to the line.

The ultimate vision of Delugs is to provide high-quality watch straps at a lower price than those offered by bespoke leathercrafters. To achieve this, their team uses leather that is typically used by the craftsmen in the industry, but in large enough quantities to produce the straps at a lower price.

If you order products with a value of more than US$200, you’ll enjoy free shipping for your items.

In addition, their products also come with a lifetime warranty. Do take note of the terms and conditions.

Starting Price for Leather Watch Straps – USD$68




Strapsco Classic Suede Strap

Strapsco's Classic Suede Watch Strap


Strapsco started in a concrete storage locker from the founders’ apartment building, and they have since expanded to a 7,500-square-foot warehouse.

StrapsCo believes that every watch has a story to tell. Whether it's its shape, size, or design, the strap that holds it all together is the most important part of its design.

They carry a wide selection of watch bands for both classic and smartwatches – such as leather watch straps, stainless steel bracelets and more.

Their products come with free international delivery with a 30-day return policy.

Starting Price for Leather Watch Straps – USD$9.99


Barton Watch Bands


Bartons Caramel Brown & Linen Racing Horween Leather Watch Strap


Barton Watch Bands was founded by a man who had been frustrated by the lack of fashionable watch bands that fit seamlessly into his lifestyle. He was a mechanical engineer who had a passion for watches and wanted to create bands that would both function and look great.

They offer various types of watch straps such as leather, nylon, canvas, alligator, rubber, and more. Expect every item to exceed expectations because they are always working on improvements.

On top of assured qualify, they are offering a guarantee on your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first year, you can contact Barton's customer service department by email – returns or exchanges can be initiated from there.

Starting Price for Leather Watch Straps – USD$28.99




Artisanstraps' Cognac Pueblo Leather Watch Strap


Born and raised in the leather belt industry, Jayson has a passion for watches and leather straps. His grandfather was a skilled leather belt maker – passing down the mantle to him. He always wanted to find the perfect watch strap to complement his timepieces.

However, he found that the cheaper straps almost always are lower in quality and the ones he loved were too machine-made. Even though most watch straps are machine-made, several businesses demand a hefty brand premium for them.

Their watch straps are made in Sydney by a small team of skilled artisans. They love making watches and have a passion for style.

Through his years of experience in the leather industry, Jayson has been creating high-quality straps that are ideal for all watches.

Starting Price for Leather Watch Straps – AUD$75



Quality leather watch strap is a must-have for any person, and it is not going to compromise. This is why it is very important that you consider investing in a few handcrafted leather watch straps.

As mentioned, the advantage of having leather watch straps is that they can be used in different shades and can be used as per your outfit's colour.

Having a collection of these leather watch straps will help you keep the feeling of newness - every time!

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