Top 4 Best Watches Type For Men To Own Today

One of the most comfortable pieces of jewellery for men is a watch. Since they're usually the only ones that men feel comfortable wearing, it makes a statement.

However, getting the right watch can be a daunting task — especially if you're not very knowledgeable about it.

There are so many different brands and variants that it can feel like you're trying to figure out which one to get.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to getting the right watch is its design. Since there are so many different variants and brands out there, it's important to find one that fits your lifestyle and occasion.

In this article, I’ll talk about the four types of watches that every man should own now. I’ll also talk about the designs of these watches, which are some of the most popular and common types of timepieces today.

1. Dress Watch

The Four Watches Every Man Should Own Today

The dress watch is our pick for the most versatile item in the market. It can be worn for various occasions such as formal dinners and the opera.

A dress watch is typically thin, and it usually sits well under the cuff. It is not uncommon for a watch to be made in gold, though this usually isn't necessary.

Usually, the design of a dress watch is simple, with a round case and a pair of lugs. It is the ideal watch for wearing a suit, but at the same time, ideal for some casual outfits as well.

There are also more advanced dress watches that are designed for the enthusiast. These include watches that have various complications, such as power reserve, moon phase, and sub-seconds.

A dress watch is a must-have for every man's watch collection, as it can be worn for more formal occasions. There are various brands that you can choose from, hence, you may decide which one you prefer.


2. Field Watch

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One of the most important watches in your collection is a field watch. This is because it’s the one you usually wear on the weekends.

Its simplicity and wearability are some of the reasons why it is favoured by collectors.

The history of the field watch dates back to the time of the First World War. Initially, they were known as “trench watches” These were designed to be worn during the world wars, and the name evolved to reflect how these watches could be used by other people.

Today, a field watch is a simple yet durable piece that can be used for different activities. It can be used for cooking a big meal, fixing up your car, or going camping.

One of the most important advantages of field watches is that they are usually not the most expensive. You can get one that's well-made and doesn't break the bank.


3. Dive Watch

The Four Watches Every Man Should Own Today


The most popular style of men's watch is the dive watch. It's a rugged, masculine, and versatile watch that's ideal for everyday use.

Initially, the dive watch developed by Rolex was created for professional divers. It was originally designed to be used underwater.

The design of the Submariner was very important to the company as it offered good water resistance and was able to display its time accurately underwater. Its rotatable bezel was another defining feature of the watch.

The bezel is an integral part of any dive watch, and it allows users to instantly recognize the dive watch. This feature allows the diver to keep track of the amount of oxygen they have left in their tank.

Many years have passed since the release of the first dive watch by Rolex. There have been various changes in the way professional divers use their watches.

Due to the increasing number of diving tools and equipment that have become available on the market, divers no longer need to carry a watch that was designed for them.

If you're planning on wearing a dive watch, I would recommend using a nylon NATO band or silicone band. However, today, most divers don't actually wear dive watches underwater anymore.

I prefer wearing a steel link bracelet with a dive watch because it adds a bit of class to the otherwise casual look of the watch.

Ultimately, people love these dive watches because they are very universal, and can be worn for different occasions. They are also very elegant and sporty at the same time. Dive watches are truly timeless.


4. Chronograph

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One of the most popular types of watches that men can wear is the chronograph. This type of watch was developed using a tachymeter scale, which measures the average speed of a car moving at a given distance.

A chronograph watch also has a function that allows you to time various events. This is usually done with three separate units.

The various events that have inspired the popularity of these types of watches, such as moon landings and racing, have contributed to the fact that they are cool.

However, while a chronograph can be useful occasionally, it is not practical to use it all the time due to the accuracy of other methods of measuring things.

Although they are commonly associated with racing events, a chronograph watch is also very versatile and can be worn for various other activities.


Final Thoughts

If you’re planning on adding more watches to your collection, I’m excited for you.

You can always start your collection with a solid timepiece which will suit your desires the most. Thereafter, if your budget allows, continue adding timepieces slowly from there.

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