This Is Our Very First Price Increase Since We Started

At Strapatelier, we are always trying to stretch ourselves to create the most premium and functional straps for our customers. At the same time, we are committed to producing these high-quality products at affordable prices.

Through our collaboration with a team of horologists, we’re able to thoroughly study the various aspects of watch accessories and strap designs. We were also able to identify the most desirable features of a good-quality watch strap.

However, with the rising cost and unprecedented inflation rates, maintaining business operations has become more challenging over the past few months.


Material & Packaging Cost

Globally, 90% of procurement and supply chain managers acknowledged that their companies' raw material costs have gone up significantly, and 76% expect that they will experience a moderate or high spike in costs in the next few months.

At Strapateliar, we are not excluded from this major impact.

Our cost of various supplies has gone up significantly over the past few months.

These include leather, buckles, packaging materials, and spring bars. Due to this, the cost to produce a strap has also increased significantly.

Pricing beneath cost price isn't sustainable in the long run.

One of our values is to provide our customers with the best possible prices. As consumers, we understand the desire to pay the best possible price as well.

Rather than charging excessive amounts, we aim to offer a more sustainable price by taking into account our costs, the value of our products, and other comparable products.

The small margins will enable us to continue investing in the research and development of new products and the training for our partners – to bring you more premium products that will continue to birth brand-new looks for your timepieces.


Product Quality Enhancements

Ever since we started Strapatelier, we haven’t raised our prices. This is despite the significant improvements that have been implemented in the quality of our watch straps.

Over the years, our professional crafters have gained valuable expertise and experience in the production of straps. Through our research and development over the years, we’ve been able to improve the quality of our products with new techniques and materials.

In addition, the small details of our straps have been refined. These are now regarded as some of the best in the industry.


Price movement

Due to the increasing quality, value and cost of our products, we have reviewed our prices for the very first time since we started this journey.

This decision was not made lightly, and we have been trying to negotiate better prices with our suppliers.

However, even with our best efforts, only so much can be done.

That much said, we’re still in line with other companies in the current market, and this will allow us to continue carrying out our business with sufficient margins.

We have also lined up several projects that we are planning on launching soon.

Starting in January 2023, our site-wide price increase will be implemented.

To help offset the impact of this price movement, we’ll be holding a 20% promotion from now until the end of January 2023 (use code ‘PROMO’ upon checking out).

We hope that you will be able to get your hands on some of our premium products at lower prices.


Thank you for your support!

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