Full Review of OMEGA X Swatch MoonSwatch

The Perfect Blend of Style and Substance?

The Omega X Swatch Moonwatch combines affordability, history, and style into one impressive package.

The Swatch Moonwatch has gained popularity among both casual and collector watch users due to its affordable price point. It is a great alternative for people who prefer a more practical and stylish watch.



Full Review of OMEGA X Swatch Moonwatch | Straptelier

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Despite the risk involved, Omega has fully embraced the collaboration. This is a bold move considering the brand's status as a luxury label, but it shows that they are still committed to making a statement. The watch features a serial, and it will eventually be sold out.
The dial features the names "MoonSwatch" and "Speedmaster."

Although some might find this confusing, this is significant since the brand decided to include the "Speedmaster" label on the dial, which is a significant step. It's not just a watch that's a replica, but a true Speedmaster.

The use of the term "MoonSwatch," which is a confusing name, has created confusion regarding the various terms used for the watch. For instance, should the watch be called the Omega x Swatch Bio-ceramic Speedmaster or the Omega x Swatch Bio-ceramic MoonSwatch? Swatch's site simply refers to the collection as the "Bio Ceramic MoonSwatch Collection".

Although the term "MoonSwatch" is most likely the most straightforward choice, the "Speedmaster MoonSwatch” could also be used. This is because the name "Professional" was removed from the watch's context.

The various parts of the watch, such as the case, are minimally branded. The packaging features only the large and S symbols on the sides, and the "OMEGA x Swatch" logo appears at the bottom. The Omega logo is highlighted on the strap, while the Speedmaster label is located underneath. The collaboration between the two brands is a product of their respective efforts, and it creates an appealing and unique timepiece.



Full Review of OMEGA X Swatch Moonwatch | Strapatelier


The case for the OMEGA X Swatch MoonSwatch is a remarkable design that combines the expertise of both Swatch and OMEGA. It features a unique design that is characterized by twisted lugs, which have been a trademark of the OMEGA Speedmaster line since 1963.

The case of MoonSwatch is 42mm wide by 47.2mm tall. It is almost identical to the Speedmaster model with the co-axial movement. The asymmetrical right-hand side of the case is also more prominent than the mid-case, and it gives the watch a more prominent and flat surface. It faithfully reproduces every aspect of the watch. Its round bezel, the eagle-bill shape, and the twist from above are all accounted for.

The crystal features an "S" engraving, which is similar to the design found on the Speedmaster Pro models. The lack of contrasting surfaces makes the twisted lugs' dynamic feel more subdued. A matte or satin finish would have been ideal.

These features give the watch an exotic and unique look and can be finished in various materials such as ceramics, steel, and precious metals. The case was made almost 60 years and has been added with an unexpected bio-ceramic component.

The bio-based material used for the MoonSwatch case is made from plastic and ceramic. The former is made from a type of oil known as castor oil, which is very processed and thus referred to as bio. The latter, which is also known as zirconium dioxide, is the same material used in most ceramic watches.

This combination of materials provides the watch with a lightweight and temperature-resistant feel. It can also be used in various colours.



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The Mission to Jupiter model utilises a tone-on-tone approach, with the case's dull khaki detailing coming through the bezel and into its dial. While it's striking, it's not quite as similar to the actual case.

The outer edge of the dial features an index of black lines that are similar to those found in the Speedmaster Pros. There are also 13-second marks around the outer edge, which is similar to what you would see on the 3861 model. This can be used for balance and looks.

The lumed bars at the hours feature the signature dot at 12. The shorter markers at six, ten, and two accommodate the sub-dials.

The black circle at the outer edge marks the section of the dial where the "step" would be from older models to the most recent ones. This detail is interesting, as it suggests that the transition from one era to the next was more gradual.

The line is very distracting and abrupt, adding little depth to the dial. However, it does separate the subdial from the outer index, which helps organize information.

You'll find three sub-dials at 2, 6, and 10, which feature active seconds, 60-minute counters, and 1/10th-second counters.

These are all executed in a Speedmaster style with a flat surface and a bevelled edge. The layout of the dial is very different, and it can throw your head around at first.

A 60-minute counter is useful when there's no 12-hour counter, as it allows you to quickly determine the time in seconds. However, leaving out the minute markers makes this feature useless unless you're using it as a general time-keeping tool.

The hands are similar to the classic design of the Speedmaster. The chronograph functions are highlighted with deep orange, which is a great shade of this colour due to how it doesn't look too fluorescent or bright.

The case and dial are also very attractive due to how they go well with the dark khaki-coloured hands. The minute, hour, and active seconds hands look very nice and are a bit unexpected.



The OMEGA X Swatch Moonwatch is powered by a quartz movement. It could be using the Swiss-made ETA G10 211 212 quartz movement. While some watch enthusiasts may prefer mechanical movements, quartz movements are generally considered to be more accurate and require less maintenance.



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Omega and Swatch recreated the NASA velcro strap as the MoonSwatch's default strap.

The Omega and Speedmaster strap is thematically on point, and it looks great on the watch. It features a case-like bio-ceramic ring, and the use of both brands' branding pushes it further into being more than just a plastic lookalike. Unfortunately, the strap itself is not very comfortable.

The design of this watch strap was well done, but it's not a pleasant experience to wear due to its plasticky and stiff construction. It's also very awkward to put on due to how light it is, and it would be hard to loop the strap around the ring while it's on your wrist.

To put on the strap, you need to first feed it through the ring. Then, slide the strap over your hand and tighten it. The rubbery and stiff construction will make it hard to bend at the keeper.

The way the strap felt and the light weight of the watch head affected most people’s initial reaction to it. It seemed like the whole thing was made of lower quality due to how it was built. After a while, some would look for an alternative strap to go along with it.



The Omega and Swatch Bio-Ceramic MoonSwatches are great for anyone who is a fan of the brands. Whether they are looking for a replacement for their old watch or looking to add another one to their collection, these are a must-have for anyone. The new version of the iconic watch is a bold take on an already iconic design, and the colours are just beautiful.

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