5 Watch Recommendations Below USD$300 For 4 Different Events
7s26, Cal 48743, jewel counts, ceramic or stainless steel casing  what are those?! As the big brands are constantly putting out better watches year after year, it can be tricky for first time buyers. That's why in this guide, we will be recommending 5 watches for different events to help buyers grab the best deals in our opinion. (Disclaimer: This is just a recommendation guide, please do your own research prior to purchasing)
We also will be including either 1 or 2 options for you to choose from as we understand that not every watch design is suited for everybody.
We will be splitting into 4 different event/occasion that calls for the various watch as follows:
  • Casual
  • Sports
  • Formal
  • Travel


1. Casual

There is simply too many choices for casual watches, and the preferences does varies greatly. Hence, we will include a few that we shortlisted.
For a more sporty personality who prefer a digital watch to look at, instead of having more complications on a casual day, this is perfect for you! These watches come with reasonable water resistant and is made to be durable in many occasion!
casio g shock dw-5600 series
Casio G-Shock DW5600/5610 Series (Priced at USD$90 - USD$120)

For a watch enthusiast, there is no such thing as wrist free day. We do know of some individuals who will never pick a digital over analog, thus we recommend the trusty SKX007! This watch has been proven to be very versatile and functional in most occasion, and it's a great watch to pair with in most event!

seiko skx007 watch
Seiko SKX007 (Priced at USD$250 - USD$320)

We have picked out this 2 watches as it's proven to be the most versatile and it is also easily customisable to suit your liking in a casual setting!

2. Sports

As we enjoy our weekend either working out or get involve in different sports, We are familiar with sports watches and have narrowed the choices down to these 2 selection as the functionality and prices for these 2 pieces is great & well priced.
The Xiaomi Band 4 is a tech miracle for me as it offer a magnitude of functions such as — viewing text/call/app notifications, sleep monitoring, alarm, idle alerts, heart rate monitoring, and not forgetting to mention the long lasting 20 days battery life on a single charge of 2 hours!

xiaomi band 4 digital sports watch
Xiaomi Band 4 (Priced at USD$40)

It also have many built in functions for different sports such as running, swimming, cycling, battle rope & power walking. It measures different set of data and provide you correction for different sports for only under $50!
Another alternative that we have is Fitbit Versa 2! The reason we chose this is because this is not just another sports watch, it's a smart watch that is reasonably priced.

fitbit versa 2 sports smart watch in black, purple, pink and grey
Fitbit Versa 2 (Priced at USD$180)

All the functions that the Xiaomi Band 4 provides, Fitbit does as well! We did mention that this is also a smart watch, hence it'll have an added function of Fitbit Pay. What this does is that you're able to make contactless payment with your watch — how cool is that?

3. Formal

In a formal setting, there is too much possibilities and we are spoilt for choices. However, we do believe that choices for a formal setting must be something that has a very clean look but yet not dull to compliment the outfit.
Below choices are watches that we feel can be suited for most if not all formal setting as it fits our criteria of a wrist choice of something not too dull but yet looks clean.

orient bambino 2nd gen fer2400bw0 watch
Orient Bambino 2nd Gen FER2400BW0 (Priced at $120)

4. Travel

Travelling with a wrist watch can be tricky, especially if it's a country of different timezone. You might be worried that we will be recommending a Rolex GMT, and the truthful answer is yes. But fret not, as there is still a cheaper alternative out in the market made for this purpose!
Introducing the Timex Q GMT! Priced at a reasonable $179, it offers GMT function and on a stainless steel bracelet which is suited for most event!

timex q gmt watch with stainless steel bracket
Timex Q GMT (Priced at USD$179)

Unfortunately for lads that dislike the formality of a stainless steel bracelet, the good news is that you can still change out the strap for a different nato or leather if you prefer!
What are your thoughts on our recommendations?

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