5 Vintage Watches You Should Own

Every watch collector has reached a point where they wonder — should I get a vintage piece? The answer to that is simple, yes! Purchasing a vintage watch can be tricky and often times, these pieces have scratched up cases, murky glass, patina dials/hands & chipped parts, so why the hell do people still get them?!

Vintage collectors enjoy collecting these pieces for mainly 3 reason — design, value & the story behind each watch.

Vintage pieces can be briefly summarised to be less bold in their design, smaller sized, & some vintage pieces are still highly sought after even after so many years. Many collectors fancy vintage pieces as they have proven to be an excellent investment as many collectors value the story behind each watch that has been passed on.

Hence, today, I will be sharing with you 5 vintage pieces I personally think you should own!

Seiko Panda 6138-8020

seiko panda 6138-8020 vintage watchSource: www.60clicks.com/seiko-6138-chronograph-collectors-guide/

When you tell your fellow Seikoholics about the Seiko panda dial, no doubt this will come to their mind. It's an ever popular model and the prices for this piece have been skyrocketing in recent years! Recent price to date for this watch has reached at least S$1200 - S$1800 depending on its condition.

It's really insane to think that a Seiko can actually hold its value so well in which it even appreciates so much after a long period of time.


Seagull 1963

seagull 1963 vintage watch
Source: wahawatches.com/review-seagull-1963-chronograph/

The Seagull 1963 needs no introduction. This piece has been famous and around for a long period of time in which collectors have been always dying to get their hands on. Prices for this watch is going for a relatively fair bargain at about S$500, but do note that the majority of them in the market are tributes/reissues.

This watch also have a very rich history behind it, do look it up if you're interested.

Tudor Submariner 9411/0

tudor submariner 9411/0
Source: www.hqmilton.com/timepieces/v3jxkk0e/1976-tudor-submariner-9411-0-snowflake-with-box-and-papers-3160

Tudor Submariner holds a very special place in many collector's heart. I fell in love immediately with this piece when I first handled it. The patina snowflake markers, iconic bezel design, and the overall build of the watch really left a lasting impression on me. Needless to say this piece has been gaining traction steadily over the years, but in recent years, the demand for this piece has been increasing rapidly.

Heuer Autavia 2446C

heuer autavia 2446c
Source: shop.analogshift.com/products/heuer-autavia-2446c-2

Yet another classic vintage piece that is panda dial — but this time in reverse! The reverse panda dial Heuer Autavia 2446C is one of a more iconic piece in the history of Heuer due to its unique dial design and the history behind the watch.
There are released reissues of this watch available in the market which is more affordable and less beat up for people who really like the design of this watch without burning a hole in their pocket.

Breitling Top Time Reference 2002

Breitling Top Time Reference 2002
Source: shop.analogshift.com/products/breitling-top-time-ref-2002

Introduced as a entry-level chronograph watch, this watch has come a long way to become one of the best watch to collect for vintage pieces. It was an instant classic, a watch that everybody fell in love with the moment they laid their eyes on it.
The timeless design of the watch along with its gigantic pushers were bold, but yet attracted the eyes of many enthusiast. This piece is definitely my favorite pick out of all the watches I've listed in this article thus far.
This sums up the 5 vintage watches you should own, and it constructed mainly through speculative value increment and the history of price of the respective pieces.

All the prices stated are in accordance to the time of writing this blog, please do check the prices before purchasing. Listed watches are based solely on writer's opinion which does not represent the company's position on this article.

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