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5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Strap

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

For many people, changing a strap will not even cross their minds until the strap has been reduced to tatters (yes we've seen them). Many also will rebuke that, after all, why should we even mess with the the craft that the brand created? We do agree with that, but of course there are still many aspects as to why you should change your strap instead.

Hence, I'd like to share with you the 5 reasons why you should change your watch strap.

1. Adds Personal touch

If you're an experimentalist like myself who likes to experiment with different customizations, the first thing you can do to your watch is to change its strap! It is the simplest way to "modify" your watch as it does not involve the extreme stress of damaging your watch movement or bezel inserts when installing a sapphire dome glass or swapping a bezel insert.

The Omega Speedmaster Automatic "Reduced" (3510.50) comes with a bracelet and as much as I love the bracelet, I can't help but to fit the rally strap on it as it suits the watch perfectly well due to the Speedmaster "Reduced" slim casing which befits with the strap's perforated padded design.

Horophiles like myself enjoy every minute spent with their watches, so even the smallest details like changing its strap and polishing its case gives us a sense of enjoyment. Watching the second hand sweep and rotating the bezel for its satisfactory clicking sound gives us life, (perhaps some slight exaggeration) which creates a special connection to our watches.

Ultimately, changing a strap can be seen as adding a special touch to your watch according to your liking, and it's the first step into the world of "watch modification"

2. Resale Price

Everybody knows that if you want to fetch the best price for your watches, the watches will need to be in pristine condition, along with its papers, tags & box. What if i told you that the strap affect its resale price too?

Yes, watches with straps in bad condition tend to have lower resale price especially if it is a leather strap. Just imagine the previous owner's sweat that is deeply soaked into the strap and the odor it might give off. Yikes!

So if you are someone who likes to buy and flip watches, you might not want to use the original strap as it might affect its resale price.

3. Versatility

For people with a single watch, they might find that having multiple straps is redundant because they only have one watch, so why would they need more straps? Let me tell you why.

As most watches come in either bracelet, leather or rubber, they can prove to be very tricky to wear on any other occasion apart from the ones they are designed for. A good example would be this Seiko Turtle (SRPC25K1), it was originally on a bracelet before I changed the strap.

Whenever I'm feeling funky/bold or want to go for a quick run, I will strap on our Urban Camo strap as it is a silicone strap which is sweat proof. But when it's time to be formal, I will change it to a leather strap to achieve a more formal business look. These are just some examples of why you need more than one strap for versatility which comes at a low cost.

See the contrast in the different straps? So rather than changing a new watch, you might first want to opt to change your strap. Who knows? You might have just saved your money from buying a new watch.

Seiko Diver SRPC25K1 with our Single-Looped Leather & Urban Camo "White"

Swapping around straps to find the best look for your watch can be tricky, but once you found the perfect fit, it'll be addictive!

4. Quality

Wait a minute.. are you you suggesting that the big brands have bad quality strap? Before you guys get all heated up and close this tab, hear me out first. As the biggest brands tend to focus their craft on watchmaking itself, the straps they produce are sometimes just decent quality at best (whisper "SKX007 rubber strap" - no hate).

Paying attention to the tiniest details of your watches including your straps would be inevitable once you have moved up the ladder of watch collecting. You will start looking for the different types of straps available in the market and also begin to learn about the types of materials, toughness, functionality and durability of these straps.

Our Oil Waxed Calf Leather

As you get to appreciate leather craft more, you would knowingly opt for better quality, softer & more durable leather such as Epsom Leather with Zermatt Lining (Sweat Resistant) or more exotic options like alligator leather or ostrich leather.

5. Convenience

Wait, how much of a hassle will it take to change a watch strap? You're right, but that's not what we meant. This is specifically targeted at nato strap lovers as the straps are easily convertible to other nato straps to fit any style & occasion!

Nato lovers benefit greatly from this due to the fact that swapping out a nato strap can easily be done as you do not need to remove the springbars to swap to another nato. This is very convenient for people who likes to change up their style everyday which can be done in just seconds!

After reading what I've shared, have you changed your mind? Let us know!

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