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4 Simple Style Tips You Should Know About Watches For Men

In today's society where divers and sports watch are a common sight during a formal event, we can conclude that we have certainly grown out of the social norms of the 80s where these style taboos would definitely be frowned upon and maybe even regarded as being rude.

Perfectly styled watch — Image taken from Hodinkee

Of course many people are aware of the unspoken rules about the type of straps that you should not be wearing during certain events (wearing a leather strap to the beach, or a striking colour choice of rubber strap to a formal event — awful taste), but on this style guide, we are going to touch a little more than that to enrich your knowledge on watch styling.

In this guide, we will be talking about the little details that the gentlemen should take note to make yourself look sharp.

1. Match Your Buckle To Your Case

We have spotted too many people making this mistakes which can be very common after changing out of their original strap. When your buckle does not match your case, it makes your buckle stands out — not in a good way, shifting the people's focus to your buckle and making it look like a standalone piece instead of a being part of the watch.

There are 2 guideline of matching the buckle to the case.

  1. The finishing

  2. The colour

Simply put, you should never match a polished casing to a brushed finishing buckle or vice versa, & the colour of the buckle must always match your casing.

See the difference? Which do you think look better Is it the black or the silver buckle? If you chose the silver buckle, we have some serious issue to discuss about.

2. Identifying Your Watch Use

When styling your watches, be sure to know the purpose of the watch. Never style your formal watch with a rubber strap or use it for any other event. Would you take your Orient Bambino or A. Lange & Söhne Langematik to a beach? — I'd reckoned not as well.

The idea is simple, do NOT mix your watch usage unless it's a very versatile watch which is suitable for various occasions such as a Submariner, SKX007 or such. Once you understand the usage of your watch, it is now easier for you to style your outfits according to your watches (because that's what we do) or for most people, to style your watches according to your outfit.

3. Match Your Accessories

It is no secret that matching your accessories can accentuate your style as a whole. Wearing matching rings or bracelets, and even your belts are all important aspects to take note of. Almost certainly, wearing mismatched or excessive accessories can make you look unrefined, so how do we avoid that?

Example of mismatched accessories

Avoid wearing bold or striking color accessories as it often does not goes well with your timepiece. Accessories that will go well with this watch will be a simple black leather bracelet & a silver ring.

Example of matching accessories

Notice how the watch's gold casing is purposefully matched with the gold bracelet? It is because of the simple colour matching theme which helps to accentuate the watch aesthetics and also by not over-accessorizing your wrist.

4. Choosing The Right Watch Size

"Awfully big watches does not sit well on your wrist" - Kai You can quote me on that. Many people get the misconceptions that a bigger sized watch is meant for more rugged use and is suited for everyone, but we're sorry to tell you, it's not.

Bigger watches are meant for bigger-sized wrist, not for tough usage. So please gentlemen, keep it off your wrist as not everything in life are meant to be big.

Exaggerated example of bad sized watch

On the contrary, wearing a thin and small watch that does not fit your gigantic wrist is not the way to go as well.

A right size watch for your wrist should cover at least 3/4 of your wrist with a little allowance to peek at, at the top & the bottom. If the case of the watch exceeds the size of your wrist, you should consider putting it away and never wearing it again.

Simple enough? Follow through these tips and I can guarantee you will look sharp and never look like an amateur again.

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