Our Story

Founded in 2017 by Kai, a motorsport enthusiast & an avid watch collector.

Kai first fell in love with watches instantly when he understood the fine quality and sophistication in a well-crafted watch.

His love for fine timepieces did not end there, and began fitting and buying different kinds of watch straps online to alleviate the look of all of their watches giving each of them a unique taste and personality.


Based on our roots in the motorsport and horology community, we are challenging the extent of the norms to see how far we can stretch ourselves to design the most ridiculous strap for you! Our mission is to craft the highest quality racing & rally straps to suit your atypical social standards!


With the love for horology and motorsports, the team have integrated our passion together and managed to source our leather and materials from famous tanneries all around the world.

Most of our leather straps are made with vegetable tanned leather. This tanning process is environmentally friendly and natural hence its name "vegetable", as the materials used during the process are obtained from part of plants such as fruits, leaves and even barks.

Due to the organic process, our straps are rewarded with a firm structure and ages beautifully with what they call "leather patina".  The beautifully aged leather patina are creases found on the straps, and can be achieved when worn long enough.


The whole tanning process is tedious and requires a good deal of work as it takes about six weeks to complete.

Our straps are meticulously hand-crafted and thoroughly checked with strict compliance ensuring exceptional quality and a cut above the rest.


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